General Terms Of Use Applicable Between Good Vibes Presents and Its Visitors

These Terms of Use were last modified on Sunday, January 3, 2016.

Article 1 General
Article 2 Ticket
Article 3 Entry
Article 4 Permitted and Forbidden Items
Article 5 Code of Conduct
Article 6 Recordings
Article 7 Parking
Article 8 Indemnification
Article 9 Limitation of Liability
Article 10 ADA Accommodations
Article 11 Violation of Terms
Article 12 Disputes, Claims, and Questions

Article 1 General

Please review the following terms of use carefully. You, the concertgoer, agree to legally abide by the following terms of use when using this site, purchasing a ticket, or attending a Good Vibes Presents event. Please refrain from using this site and attending any Good Vibes Presents events if you are not in accord with the following terms of use.

We hereby reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, alter, change, modify, or otherwise edit these Terms at any time. These changes will become applicable immediately upon the date of posting. We may, at any point in time, intentionally notify you via email about any major changes to the Terms however we are not bound to do so consistently. Please review the Terms of Use periodically. Your continued use of the site constitutes full, knowledgeable acceptance to everything in this Terms of Use Agreement. If you do not wish to agree with the Terms of Use, we advise you to stop using the site, any products, shows, or services that we provide immediately.

Article 2 Ticket

Good Vibes Presents maintains the right to refuse any ticket purchaser entrance into an event without reimbursement if he or she fails to comply with the following general terms and conditions.

Admission to each event is granted by showing valid proof of ticket purchase through a printed, hardcopy ticket or the Eventbrite app. Each ticket only gives access to one person on the date specified and entrance will be given to the holder of the first scanned ticket if multiple persons attempt to use the same ticket.

By purchasing tickets through Eventbrite, you agree to enter into a binding agreement based on the terms and conditions described in the Eventbrite website. All ticket sales are finals. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed unless consent is given by Good Vibes Presents on special occasions. If an event is cancelled, all tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event. Tickets will be refunded if the cancelled event is not rescheduled within 180 days.

The ticket purchaser assumes all responsibility for his or her ticket once received. Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets will not be honored.

Admission tickets may not be resold without explicit written permission from Good Vibes Presents as this commonly leads to fraud. Tickets may only be used in contests, giveaways, or other similar activities with explicit written permission from Good Vibes Presents. No fraudulent tickets purchased, received, or won from unauthorized third parties will be honored and Good Vibes Presents cannot be held liable for any fraudulent ticket purchases from these unofficial channels. Please visit individual event pages to find a list of authorized sales channels. Any visitor determined to have forged any number of tickets will be immediately ejected from the venue and prosecuted.

Good Vibes Presents maintains the right to postpone or cancel any event without prior notice if any situation out of the control of Good Vibes Presents occurs that brings customer safety into question or makes the successful production of a given event impossible. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, an act of God, act of terrorism, flood, tsunami, an injunction from an administrative body or court, or a labor dispute. If an event is cancelled due to at least one of these reasons, the ticket refund amount will be determined by Good Vibes Presents based on the extent of cancellation.

All tickets purchased through will call must be retrieved on the day of the event. Valid proof of identification (detailed in article 3) and the card used to purchase will be required to pick up the ticket(s). All will call tickets must be obtained simultaneously if multiple are purchased. Refunds will not be granted to ticket purchasers who are unable to pick up will call tickets due to lack of identification, absence of card used for purchase, or any other personal reason preventing the ticket purchaser from picking up the ticket(s) on time.

All ticket shipping fees are nonrefundable. Tickets mailed to undeliverable addresses will not be refunded under any circumstance. Additional shipping fees will apply if a reshipment is necessary due to a customer’s mistake.

Disclaimer Of Warranties:


Article 3 Entry

By entering any Good Vibes Presents Event, you the customer accept any risk, danger, or injury that occurs before, during, or afterwards including any personal loss, damage, or death. You accept these terms by purchasing a ticket for a Good Vibes Presents event and redeeming it for entry into any event.

Persons failing to meet the specified minimum age requirements by the day of the event will be denied entrance with no reimbursement. One of the following forms of identification is required to enter any Good Vibes Presents show:

Any customer failing to provide any one of these valid forms of identification will be denied entrance without any refund.

Re-entering any Good Vibes Presents show is explicitly prohibited unless granted special permission by a staff member and you are escorted by security.

Entrance for any visitor to any Good Vibes Presents event is entirely up to the discretion of senior staff. Access to any event will be prohibited to all visitors who:

Article 4 Permitted And Forbidden Items

Ticket holders will be subject to being searched upon entrance into any Good Vibes presents event. Security reserves the right to pat down all entering guests and inspect all items carried on person enter any Good Vibes Presents event to ensure proper compliance. Security and staff maintain the right to detect and confiscate any prohibited item(s). Good Vibes Presents cannot guarantee the return of any confiscated item. All entering guests who refuse to allow any prohibited item(s) to be confiscated must return said item(s) to their cars and get back into the front of the line before they can gain admittance.

The following items are ALLOWED to be brought into or possessed at any Good Vibes Presents event under sole discretion of venue staff and security:

The following items are PROHIBITED to be brought into or possessed at any Good Vibes Presents event at all times:

Any visitor discovered to have entered any Good Vibes Presents event with a concealed prohibited item accepts that he or she will be immediately rejected from the event without a refund and may be turned over to the police, refused entry into future events, or banned permanently depending on the severity of the situation.

Article 5 Conduct

In viewing this website, you agree that you will fully comply with the website code of conduct, and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations that accompany the terms of conditions. You also agree, with full discretion, that you will not:

We retain sole the right to monitor, refuse, and remove any content without prior notice. You agree that you assume all risk associated with the use of the site and take on full responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any posts made from your account, personal computing device, and IP address. You also agree that we have the unrestricted right to copy, publish, or otherwise reproduce any content you submit to the site in any fashion.

In attending an event, you are a representative of a Good Vibes Presents customer. In assuming that role, it is directly forbidden to:

Article 6 Recordings

Professionally filming any Good Vibes Present’s event without prior written consent is not allowed. Nonprofessional, nonprofit filming will be allowed at all events.

The ticket purchaser unconditionally expresses his/her consent to be filmed at any Good Vibes Present’s event without monetary compensation by attending. By attending the event, the visitor hereby denotes his/her express consent to the notion that he/she may be filmed, photographed, streamed, or otherwise rebroadcasted by event photographers at any given time. Any person or person's name, image, or likeness may be captured as part of any visual recording and is able to be sold for commercial purposes on behalf of Good Vibes Presents, LLC or any sponsors or subsidiaries. This may happen unknowingly or without prior consent and without any form of compensation to the individual whose likeness is being portrayed.

Article 7 Parking

Good Vibes Presents, LLC disclaims all responsibility from losses or damages to vehicles parked on or near the event venue.

Good Vibes Presents, LLC is not responsible for losses or damage to any vehicle towed from the event site.

Article 8 Indemnification

If there are any legal claims of wrongdoing held against an individual related to his/her use of the Good Vibes Presents website, in agreeing to these terms and conditions, this individual agrees to fully indemnify Good Vibes Presents, LLC. In addition to this, the aforementioned individual will proceed to hold Good Vibes Presents, LLC, any upper and lower level employees, third-party affiliates, sponsors/advertisers, and event providers entirely harmless against any damages (monetary or otherwise), losses, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and court costs.) We, as Good Vibes Presents, hereby reserve the right to take exclusive control and defense of any claim and you will provide us with full cooperation in expediting the legal process and any available defenses.

Article 9 Limitation Of Liability

It is hereby agreed to that it is your exclusive remedy, with respect to any defect in or dissatisfaction with the site, any services or products, or any expressly written guarantee of services or products, to cease to use the site or any provided services or products. In agreeing to these terms of use, you expressly understand and agree that we shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or any exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for lost profits, loss of goodwill, business interruption, data loss, or any other losses or damages resulting from or in any way related to the use of or inability to use the site or any given information. The limitations provided in this section are applicable if any listed or unlisted remedy fails of its essential purpose. The allocation of risk between us (Good Vibes Presents, LLC and The Visitor) is a critical element of the basis of the bargaining between both parties. Our aggregate liability arising out of the terms or use of the site will not exceed the greater of One Hundred U.S. Dollars ($100 U.S.) As for grievances between parties in regards to events, the allocation of risk will, under no circumstances, account for risks or damages that can be seeked reasonably beyond the initial ticket cost undertaken by The Visitor. In such cases, our liability will be limited to the fullest extent deemed reasonably possible. In no event will attorney fees or other court costs be awarded or recoverable.

Article 10 ADA Accommodations

If you would like additional information about available ADA accommodations, please e-mail us at We truly value all of our customers and want to do everything we can to create the best show possible, from all perspectives.

Article 11 Violation of Terms

We reserve to right to investigate any violation of these Terms, including but not limited to tampering, modifying, or otherwise unauthorized use of the Good Vibes Presents website. We reserve the right to take legal action when we deem necessary, and any legal action that we deem appropriate for the circumstance. In viewing the site and/or using our product, you agree in full to these Terms and hereby denote that any monetary damage claims may not sufficiently provide us a remedy to the violation of terms. Under these circumstances, we reserve the right to seek injunctive, or otherwise punitive measures for your violations of these Terms. If we are informed of your violation of these Terms or local, state, or federal law, for any reason or no reason, we may cancel your account without notice. While the investigation takes place, we reserve the sole right to hinder, inhibit, or otherwise prevent you from accessing the site or its content. If this circumstance was to happen, you would still be bound to these Terms as you agreed to them.You agree that we will not be liable to you or any third party for termination of your access to the website or to your account or any related information, and we will not be required to make the Site or your account or any related information available to you. We may also cancel any Pre-Sale program and/or Pre-Sale code for any reason or no reason. We may refuse to honor a Pre-Sale code made from all accounts we believe may be associated with you, or cancel a ticket purchased through a Pre-Sale code or exercise any other remedy available to us.

Article 12 Disputes, Claims, and Questions

In accepting these Terms you hereby agree to be bound by any or all of the terms contained herein. You also willingly accept any amendments, additions, changes, or modifications made after the initial acceptance. If any provision is later found to be invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, then that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the other provisions contained will remain in full fare and effect. Good Vibes Presents, LLC’s failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of these Terms shall not be construed as any such waiver of any provision, restriction, or right. These Terms shall be governed primarily by the federal law of the United States of America as well as the laws arising out of the State of Texas. Any controversy, claim, or suit shall be brought only in courts located in Travis County unless otherwise specified and agreed to. The parties hereto specifically consent to the personal jurisdiction of said courts. You hereby waive your right to a jury trial.

In agreeing to these Terms, you hereby agree that any dispute or claim relating in any way to the use/misuse of our website, products, and services sold or distributed by us will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than in court. The following exceptions apply:

The arbitration agreement in these Terms is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), including its procedural provisions, in all respects. State arbitration laws do not govern in any respect. This arbitration agreement is intended to be broadly interpreted, and will survive termination of these Terms.

Please contact Good Vibes Presents at with any questions, comments, or complaints regarding these Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy.