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    • Who We Are

      Good Vibes Presents is a multi service electronic music event production, promotion, and management company located in Austin, Texas that specializes in creating breathtaking, unforgettable experiences. Working with some of the world’s most talented and innovative producers and musicians, Good Vibes Presents currently produces concerts at various venues around Texas.

      Our mission is to build an environment where everyone belongs, fueled by state-of-the-art sound design and lighting, next-generation special effects, and good vibes. Music is very special because it is capable of uniting people of all origins together to dance, celebrate life, and spread joy. The electronic dance music community has become famous for giving every individual a sense of belonging and appreciation no matter who they are or where they come from. In a world with morality and values in decline, we strive to promote authenticity, selflessness, humanity, respect, and growth at all times.

    • What We Believe

      We promote authenticity.
      We believe that being authentic, meaning doing something because you choose to, is vital to living a happy life. As a company, we want people to break free from social bonds and define themselves. We encourage everyone, whether at our events or not, to follow their passions, remain true to themselves, and most importantly, to never stop persevering in the face of adversity. Enjoy your plans and accomplishments, strive to be happy, and never forget to love yourself!

      We promote selflessness.
      At our events, we do everything we can to encourage selflessness. We believe that being empathetic towards others is central to understanding who they are and why they do what they do. We hope to inspire others to connect at our events and watch out for one another’s well-being, both physically and emotionally, at and beyond our events. We hope that everyone can be thoughtful with their words and do their best to lift each other up at all times.

      We promote humanity.
      We are all children of the universe, and as such, we strive to promote humanity. It is important to be sympathetic and understanding of all cultures as we unite everyone under one culture of music. We encourage everyone to always acknowledge the humanity of others by understanding their situation in life, perspective, and our interconnectedness. We believe that everyone has a social responsibility to hold humanity together by being good to one another.

      We promote respect.
      Everything we say is true, at best, only in some regard. We believe that each individual provides a unique point of view with each statement he or she makes. To understand any topic, we must see it from many points of view. The more perspectives we can learn to see from, the better off we will be. We wish to improve the community by urging everyone to respect others no matter what because every statement can be true from someone’s perspective.

      We promote growth.
      We strive to improve both the community and company every day. We want to develop our community by encouraging positivity and happiness as it continues to grow tremendously. We know that Good Vibes Presents could not exist without the amazing community we have. Because of this, we want our fans to have the loudest voice in everything we do. We will do everything in our power to ensure that each new event will be better by obtaining constant feedback.

    • Services

      Event Planning and Management
      Good Vibes Presents can help ease the burden of producing club shows and private events around Texas in the following areas:

      • Venue selection and acquisition
      • Permits and insurance
      • Budget creation and management
      • Operations and logistics
      • Talent Procurement

      Good Vibes Presents works with a wide variety of national talent daily. Our expertise, experience, and connections can help negotiate contracts and book some of the most in-demand artists. Let us connect you with the perfect talent for your next concert, birthday party, or event.

      Event Marketing
      Good Vibes Presents specializes in creating innovative marketing solutions in the following aspects:

      • Budget creation and management
      • Direct email marketing
      • Search engine optimization
      • Social media and online advertising campaign management
      • Guerrilla marketing strategy and implementation
      • PPC advertisement campaign management for Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads

      Please visit the contact section to indicate interest in any of these services.

    • Safety

      Here at Good Vibes Presents, we want our guests to have life altering experiences; however, keeping everybody safe will always be our number one priority. Dancing is a strenuous activity that can lead to dehydration. Drinking water is very important to help prevent dehydration. In addition, drinking sports drinks (such as Gatorade or Powerade) will help replenish important electrolytes.

      WARNING: Good Vibes Presents does not tolerate any illegal drug use, distribution, and/or possession at all events. The use of such drugs may have life threatening and even fatal consequences.

      You understand that there are risks of hazard, injury, or death at any Good Vibes Presents event by attending. You also voluntarily agree to accept all liabilities suffered when attending a Good Vibes Presents show that may lead to injury, death, or property damage by attending any Good Vibes Presents event. In addition, you agree to consent to and accept all liability resulting from any necessary medical treatment and transportation during emergency circumstances.

      Please act responsibly and look out for others as you would yourself. It is important to notify staff immediately if you see someone who looks like they may need help. These staff members only wish to help and will never judge. Here are some additional ways to stay responsible and safe:

      • Stick with a buddy at all times
      • Take breaks
      • Talk to staff if you feel unwell
      • Eat a good meal before attending any event
      • Plan ahead to make sure you have a safe ride home at the end of the show

      Good Vibes Presents works hard to offer a safe environment filled with good vibes. With your help, we can help the Earth become a safer, more positive home. Please email or visit the contact page if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

    • Contact

      Email or fill out the form below. All questions and comments welcome.